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Updating to the latest Photoshop: a review

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud – My Review

I decided tonight it was time to upgrade my Photoshop.  I thought I’d share my experience of that with you.

So, let’s make a public disclaimer.  I was using CS4 which I really love.  However, it is very old now.  I also used Camera Raw for bulk edits (loved it too) but I held out for too long.  My PC is up to date, running Windows 10 on a new motherboard and processor.  I also updated my Camera and the CS4 version of Camera Raw can’t support the new gear.   So… how does a professional photographer go upgrading to the latest (on-line) version of Photoshop?

Honestly, I found the download mechanism really clunky – very much so!  Adobe/Windows 10 didn’t provide me with much feedback on what was happening.   After an hour or so (no joke), I finally got a Creative Cloud window that made life better.  I could see my progress and actually work out what was happening.  I don’t know if the fault lies with Adobe or Microsoft, but it was really painful.

Adobe offered me a lot of videos along the way.  Frankly, I’d rather wait until the first time I run either Lightroom or Photoshop for a video. The process won’t finish tonight which if I lived elsewhere probably wouldn't be the case, so there will be a part 2 of this review.
Hopefully, I will take a look at the programs and what I make of them.  I'm excited and worried at the same time.