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Lesson three - Understanding light

We talked about the real use of Shutter Speed and Aperture In lesson 1 and 2.  Remember:

  • shutter speed is all about movement – you blur movement with a slow shutter speed (1/20) or freeze it with a faster shutter speed (1/200) while
  • aperture is all about depth of field – a big aperture number (11) will give a big depth of field while a small number (3.5) will give a small one. 

We also said that both shutter speed and aperture has an impact on light or the brightness of your photo.  The bigger the number of either, the less light will get into your camera, and the photo will look darker.  Conversely, the smaller the number, the brighter the photo.

Hang on!  That means that if I want to freeze movement (big shutter speed number) but sill have a big depth of field (big aperture number) then my photo will be too dark!  

Luckily, that's not true.  In our next lesson, we will talk about ISO which is used to solve exactly that problem.